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Are you ready to fine-tune the way you approach acting, performing, and entertaining?

"I had the incredible opportunity to have a positive reinforcement hypnosis session with Scott, and it was truly eye opening and insightful. Scott guided me to my innermost thoughts and feeling about myself not only as a performer but as a human being. At one point I was watching myself watching my other self watching another me perform! And I could see that I wasn't as bold and really confident in myself as I know I want to be or could be, in life and in my work.  Through this process I was able to really channel that confidence and peace I've been seeking." - Mandie Jean (Alex & Jamie, The System, Pull)

"I had the pleasure of watching Scott Grossberg create a powerful session for my actors in my newest play. Scott was able to deftly remove limiting beliefs, assist them in understanding their authentic self, and reach new heights.  He did this in an atmosphere which was safe, fun and interactive. One of the truly best of the best." - Ralph Odierna (Redhead Said Productions, President of Production)

Being talented and working hard are not always enough. There are times when anxiety, stage fright, the inability to get and stay in character, and the lack of truly connecting with a character get in the way of you giving your best performance.

If you're in the entertainment industry, you're in for something really special. I've created "ACT - Assisted Creativity Tune-Up" just for you. This isn't a prolonged study course. You don't have to commit to a three-month coaching program. This is a two-hour, exclusive, intense, and powerful time for you and me (and perhaps a small group of your other entertainment industry colleagues) to work on your mindset, attitude, and outlook FROM A PERFORMER'S PERSPECTIVE.

If you're committed to start creating performances and impact like never before, I want to help you.

But first, here's a little background . . .

Some of my earliest memories are of the entertainment industry (my grandmother worked for Central Casting). My love of Batman was fueled by my uncle who worked on the 1960's television series. Eventually, I became enchanted by the stage and got a minor in Theatre Arts and was put in charge of teaching beginning acting classes. After college, I went to law school and obtained my doctorate. But, I'll admit it, I was hooked by the entertainment bug. So much so, in fact, that I went on to do additional coursework in directing and screenwriting at UCLA Extension-Entertainment Studies, American Film Institute, and Variety’s Showbiz University. Oh, I didn't give up the performing bug. I also studied magic and hypnosis and became a member of The Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle in Hollywood) and obtained my certification in hypnotherapy from the United Kingdom Hypnotherapy Training College. I've spent additional time studying neurolinguistic programming, persuasion, and peak performance psychology. My wife and I also ran a community theatre company where I served as the primary playwright and director.

Now, there are some things I must tell you . . .

This two-hour session is consuming, emotional, and eye-opening. It's not an acting class and it's not intended to replace anything your director or producer might need from you. It's purpose is to take you from where you are RIGHT NOW as a performer and give you tools and techniques to get you where your performance and mental attitude need to be.

This training is not available for people outside the entertainment industry. You can be just starting out in the industry or have a large resume. Either way, this is only for serious performers who are intent on taking their craft, talents, and skills to the next level of achievement, audience appreciation, and personal satisfaction.

You will be getting personalized training and guidance from me—either one-on-one or in a small group of other actors (should you decide to include some of your colleagues). That means this is going to require you to invest a lot of creative energy to our time together. You have to be open-minded, eager, and bring your best imagination skills with you.

During our two hours together, we'll spend time uncovering the obstacles you're facing as a performer, where you'd like to take your performance skills, and what you think is impossible to achieve (because we're going to work some magic together). Then, I'll use hypnosis, guided imagery, visualization, positive suggestions, and persuasion techniques to enhance what you already bring to the stage, screen, or radio.

"I'd drive two hours in LA traffic to attend this wonderful lecture! Oh . . . Wait . . . I DID! Thank You!" - Georges-Robert (Magician, Illusionist, Mentalist)

"I really needed a tune-up - and Scott delivered stunning remindersof what it takes to make magic into Magic."
- Mark Edward (Mentalist, Author, TV Personality)

"ACT - Assisted Creativity Tune-Up" Is Right For You If:

✔    You want to expand your performance abilities and be unforgettable
✔    You’ve plateaued as an entertainer and can't get to the next level on your own

✔    You’re excited by the opportunities presented to you but held back by anxiety, fear, or lack of confidence

✔    You know that your feelings of being uncomfortable with an audition or character are causing you to lose self-confidence and focus

✔    You need an instant accountability partner; someone who can excite you, push you, and cheer you on

"Recently, Scott Grossberg conducted a workshop for the writer/director and cast of SPA DAY, a play that I'm currently performing in at the Whitefire Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. As an actor, it was the deepest preparation that I could possibly have done, both for this role and as an actor and human being.
My performance was transformed as a result of the workshop. The very next show we did following the processes Scott took us through, I was immeasurably more confident and freer on stage and I enjoyed performing more than ever before. I had some breakthroughs emotionally, both in preparing this particular character, and  in my perception of myself,  my art and my life as a whole.
The ACT workshop gets my highest recommendation for enhancing performance, boosting creativity and permitting the performer to shine."
- Kelli Maroney (Ryan's Hope, Night of the Comet, Fast Times, Chopping Mall, True Blood)

"Scott, thanks for such a powerful and empowering night at your ACT seminar. You taught us normal folk how to best harness our better selves and literally brought the audience to (happy) tears several times. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and magic!" - Den Shewman (former Editor in Chief for Creative Screenwriting Magazine, Journalist, Editor for DISH Anywhere)

Creating the performance you desire and taking command of a role are two of the most important goals of every entertainer. If I can help you with these goals, contact me by clicking below and together we'll get you where you need to be.

I look forward to hearing from and working with you. - Scott
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