What others have to say about Scott:
"Scott is a phenomenal presenter, and our employees love him every time he delivers something new to our organization! His passion, unique insight into people and behavior, knowledge, humor, and upbeat energy make him one of my best go-to resources for staff and organizational development." - Marcella Marlowe, Ph.D., Assistant City Manager/Human Resources Director, City of San Gabriel
"Scott is an incredible resource when it comes to sharing his passion and knowledge with A L L Apple Products.  I worked closely  with Scott for a couple years in my role as a Business Specialist at the Apple Store in Victoria Gardens. Scott knows how to light up a room with his magical presence and knowledge of Apple Products.  Scott is able to capture his audience and send them to a different level when it comes to technology.  He makes difficult tasks so easy to explain and incredibly useful to implement to our client base.  His methodology for capturing his audience is absolutely captivating. Scott is engaging, artistic and brilliant when it comes to functionality and connectivity with Apple Products.  I highly recommend Scott in any capacity when it comes to utilizing Apple technology in todays society!" - Ronda Kirshbaum Starkenburg, former Business Specialist, Apple, Inc.
I love "The Most Magical Secret" book so much that I ordered 10 copies for each of my staff of therapists, bereavement counselors, and administrative assistants. Thank you, Scott, for being 'you' in this world. I'm all fired up over here. Yaaaay!" - Michelle A. Post, MFT, 
"It’s clear to me that Scott Grossberg is truly an expert when it comes to connecting the iPad and all of its applications to the busy attorney. Scott demystified the iPad and helped ABA members incorporate the tool into their daily practices. His engaging personality and in-depth knowledge of the iPad and its capabilities coupled with a live demonstration made for one of the best CLE webinars I’ve ever produced. We were thrilled to have Scott as an ABA presenter and would welcome him back any time." – Jennifer A. Weed, Center for Professional Development, American Bar Association
"I thought your presentation was outstanding! I loved all of it. It was absolutely on point, memorable, timely, and relevant. I especially appreciated how you wove the personal and professional aspects of discipline and success together. You are a master storyteller, which is critical in keeping audience engagement high. I know I came away incredibly inspired and I just had to let you know how wonderful you were . . . and are!" - Jennifer Capler, Director, Strategic Integration and Communications, Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar
Wow. Scott was the BEST speaker our group has ever had! Talk about helpful and motivational. I didn’t want it to end. I use my iPad for everything and it has made me extremely efficient at work. Scott’s ‘Million Dollar iPad’ event showed me even more creative, productive, and business-minded ways to use my iPad! I’m excited.” – Bonnie Martel-Buccola, Martel Interiors & Home Furnishings, Inc.
I have to say your webinar was Phenomenal. We were told it was ‘Mind Blowing,’ and it definitely held that title . . . your webinar has opened our eyes tremendously . . .” – Urist McCauley, Smith Scholarship Foundation, Mentor/Director of Media Service
“Scott, I write simply to thank you for the truly outstanding presentation last week.  You were the straw that broke the camel’s back—we are moving ahead to avoid being extinct in 2 years!” – James A. Young, Christie, Pabarue, Mortensen and Young
"Scott Grossberg is not only a 'Magical' guest, he is intellectually stimulating for the soul. Scott's messages challenge the listener to explore their own beliefs and mores from a realistic and spiritual perspective.  He explores areas of the soul that inspire and require us to learn to take charge of the 'Magic' we create and manifest on a daily basis. You cannot listen to him speak and walk away from the experience untouched." - Allie Cheslick, Wings of Love Radio
Scott is a great listener, which makes him a powerful speaker. He
is interested in understanding the audience’s needs, and is then able
to tailor the presentation on the fly to meet those needs. You won’t be
disappointed.” - Beth Lyons, Manager|Senior Consultant, Bickmore Risk Services
“After taking your course, I have come to the realization that I was
nothing but a babe in the woods when it comes to realizing the true
potential of the iPad as a tool for trial lawyers. For three hours, I
sat mesmerized by your presentation, and took from it more useful
information than I can possibly describe.” - Jeffrey A. Van Wagenen, Jr., Assistant District Attorney, County of Riverside
“I just want to say thank you very much for the iPad webinar you presented
this afternoon. It was definitely the most useful and informative
mobile presentation I’ve attended thus far and I’ve attended a lot." - Dave J. Starich, Information Systems Specialist/Trainer,
Arthur Chapman Kettering Smetak & Pikala, P.A.
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