"Only hire Scott if you are interested in having your staff challenged, made uncomfortable with the status quo, and making massive changes. Scott is my go-to trainer, mentor, and complacency assassin! His ability to reach a wide spectrum of people and speak to them in the voice they need to hear is masterful. There are plenty of people out there pitching self improvement. What separates Scott from the rest is that he genuinely and passionately cares about seeing the change actually occur. Consulting with him is a means to an end—not an end in and of itself. I have never worked with anyone else who genuinely measures his success in the success and life changing results he sees his clients make rather than in the number of seminars he gives or books he sells."
Colin Tudor
Assistant City Manager
City of Claremont

Scott is a Content/Subject Matter Expert, Consultant, Group Facilitator, and Retreat Leader. When you need business, technology, or legal expertise, look no further than what he has to offer.

There are times when an agency, organization, educational institution, or business needs specialized, immersive, and expert driven training. Scott's individual, group, and team-building programs and topics are designed to provide half-day, full-day, and multi-day seminars, retreats, and breakout sessions built around one thing: giving you the change, results, and progress you need. In fact, Scott's training has been used for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education credits, certification classes, and college course credits. He has been part of University Programs, Annual Conferences, Education Forums, Executive Academies, Elected Officials Academies, Public Works Academies, Parks & Recreation Academies, and Attorney Summits.
Scott's unparalleled education, knowledge, and skill in the legal field (he's an attorney), business world (he's an entrepreneur), and entertainment realm (he's a performer, writer, and director) have earned him a reputation as an acclaimed authority who promotes real career development, advancement, and a better workplace appreciation with the following specialized topics:

  • What Everyone Needs To Know About Success And Happiness At Work
  • Thought Hopping (a visual approach to project management, creativity, and brainstorming)
  • P3 Blueprint - Present. Persuade. Pitch. - How To Design And Deliver A Mind-Blowing Audience Experience
  • Be Memorable - How To Create And Keep Attention, Get Your Point Across, And Get Others To Take Action
  • Unforgettable - How To Memorize Anything, Anywhere, Anytime
  • Public Relations - Communicating Successfully With The Media And The Public
  • Media Relations/Public Speaking/Memory Workshop
  • Secrets To Persuasion, Negotiation, and Pitching During Labor Negotiations
  • G.R.E.A.T. Company - Creating A Powerful Customer and User Experience (customer/user experience mapping workshop also available)
  • How To Present Yourself To A Judge, Mediator, Or Arbitrator
  • A Practical Guide To Media Relations And The Law
  • The iOS Ultimate Training Seminar - The Million Dollar iPad
  • Little Known Ways For Feeling Safer In An Unsafe Tech World
  • 60 Apps In 60 Minutes (35-, 60-, 90-minute and longer versions available)
  • Sight And Sound - Technology: Managing Risk in Email, Internet, Blogs & Cell Phones
  • Social Media To Create A Powerful Business Brand
  • An Elected Official's Guide to Mobile Technology and Social Media
  • The Savvy Lawyer's Blueprint for iOS Success
  • Contracts And Risk Transfer (The Power Of Releases, Waivers, And Permission Slips)
  • The Secrets of Litigation Success - Reducing Risk For You And Your Public Agency
  • Aquatic Center Operations (For Lifeguards And Supervisors)
  • What Everyone Ought To Know  - Background Checks, Volunteers, Seasonal, And Part-Time Employees
  • What's The Best Way To Keep From Being Sued (and if we are, how to lessen the blow) (Participant Waivers and Facilities Use Agreements)
  • Learn the Secrets to Lawsuit Proofing Your Public Facilities
  • The Little Mistakes That Are Costing You A Lot (You Want To Put A Stop Sign Where? - The Dangers Of Unwarranted Traffic Control Devices)
  • Investigating Claims And Preserving Evidence
Don't see something that quite fits what you're looking for? Contact Scott and learn how we can develop a program that is tailor-made and concentrated around your specific needs. His training and retreats are always filled with exceptional and much needed information, provide an entertaining and educational learning environment, and result in uniquely branded takeaways for attendees.

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