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I'm excited to be working with you for an amazing and high-powered presentation!

Here are some of the things I've found to be useful for your technical support personnel to make certain we have the best event possible. I'm very flexible when it comes to staging and technical requirements. So, let your IT and technical personnel see what I've outlined here and then have them contact me if they have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. This is all about making YOUR event work for YOU.

Computer Equipment

Depending on the topic, I use a MacBook Pro laptop running Keynote software or I present on-the-fly with my iPad and iPhone. I have all the VGA and HDMI connectors to hook up from your projector or in-house system to my devices.

I also use my own hotspot and Apple TV when needed. The best video will happen when we have an HDMI connection from my Apple TV to your projection system.

AC power should be within six feet of my equipment.

My laptop and iPad are controlled by remote controls that I provide.


I do not need any sound output for my computer or iOS devices.

Depending on the size of your group, a microphone is recommended. I can easily work with either a wireless lavalier or handheld microphone.

Please check the event location/room and test the sound equipment for any volume and feedback concerns.
Setup/Tech Check

My computer and iOS devices stay with me at all times. I am always happy to partner with your tech team on a tech check. I recommend that I be given access to the event room at least thirty minutes before our start time. As such, it's always best to schedule a break before our event starts.

Travel Accommodations

I prefer to arrive the night before an event (depending on your start time). If your booking with me involves an overnight stay, please be sure to use a hotel that's at the location of our event. I prefer a King-size bed and non-smoking room.
Some Other Stuff

My slide decks are not available for download nor for publishing as notes or a handout unless we've worked all that out as part of your booking. And, please do not record and then resell or distribute my presentation unless we've agreed to that.

And . . . I don't convert my slide decks to someone's templates unless we work that out as part of the booking. Remember, the use of templates doesn't make one presentation stand out from another and my presentation is carefully designed to support and supplement the verbal content and high-impact audience participation.

Of course, I can always present without slides.

  • Scheduling a break right after my presentation is highly recommended. This allows me time to breakdown my setup, meet with your attendees, and gives your attendees time to share their excitement with each other.

If you'd like to communicate with me before our event, email is the quickest, most efficient, and more effective method than a conference call. You can reach me at:
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