Why do audiences give rave reviews for Scott's seminars, workshops, and performances?

Thousands of people have participated in Scott’s presentations. Now, more than ever, you and your group need to experience powerful change and break-through results. . . both personally and professionally. Scott has joined forces with Apple, Princess Cruises, the Department of the Navy, the American Bar Association, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, CO-OP Financial, the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority, the County of Los Angeles, the County of San Bernardino, the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and many others to provide them with distinctive and company-tailored events. Now it's your turn!

If you want to arrange for a master course in success for your next event, read about our programs below. If you are eager to offer a true experience for your attendees - one in which they will receive aggressively practical techniques in achievement, transformation, and motivation - Scott’s seminars are the place to be. What would it mean to you and your company if Scott shared his success in the business and entertainment worlds as he talks about the personal productivity strategies and success tactics that have allowed him to triumph even in times when others would concede defeat?

And, you can rest assured and be confident that Scott will tailor his presentations to your particular client and business needsso that you get everything you want out of your booking.

So, with this type of peace of mind in working with Scott  . . .

===> Would you and your attendees finally realize both achievement and fulfillment?


  • Would you and your attendees discover massively powerful ways to be productive and profitable?

    • ===> Would you and your attendees find new ways to ignite your desires into sustainable and consistent outcomes
  • ?

    ===> Would you and your attendees gain the skills to clearly and potently communicate your needs, wants, and expectations so that they become realities?

Spending any time at all with Scott will show your people how to discover their burning passions, rekindle their invincible enthusiasm, and continue to go from merely wishing to incredible having. Combining humor, magic, mystery, and real-world know-how, Scott's presentations always leave people wanting more!Bringing his unique style of training, education, and excitement to a wide range of topics, Scott has directly impacted thousands of people. He has traveled throughout the world, amazing people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures with his presentational skills. The insights his audiences receive have been demonstrated, time and time again, in universities, homes, cruise lines, and conference rooms, alike.

He is one of the founding partners of the AV-rated, California law firm of Cihigoyenetche, Grossberg & Clouse. Scott is admitted to practice law before the Supreme Courts of California and the United States, and he has numerous published appellate decisions and articles. Scott has also released Amazon bestselling and critically acclaimed books, "The Most Magical Secret - 4 Weeks to an Ecstatic Life," "The Million Dollar iPad: Secrets for Increasing Your Profits, Productivity and Business Performance " and "The iPad Lawyer: Real Secrets for Your iPad Success." Scott is also a produced playwright and director, a songwriter/musician, and an exhibiting photographer.

He is a member of the National Speakers Association, the Academy of Magical Arts (the Magic Castle in Hollywood), the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the Psychic Entertainers Association, and the British Society of Mystery Performers.


REMEMBER - Scott's inspiring appearances are specifically tailored and branded to your particular organization, time allotment, and topic needs.

Success and Happiness at Work
What Everyone Needs to Know

Every company experiences something like this . . . employees don’t completely embrace the founders' and managers’ vision of the business with as much gusto as they could. In fact, some of them might be downright cynical and disbelieving. And, when they are faced with a new task, opportunity, or method, an employee’s first reaction might be to say to themselves (and sometimes out loud to others), "I can’t do that!" or "That will be too hard!" or "But, I’ve never done that before!" Usually, internal backlashes like this come about because a person is afraid of looking stupid, afraid of failing (and looking stupid), or afraid of being wrong (and looking stupid). Scott’s "5 Rules of Success and Happiness" will solve that solution simply and elegantly.

In this presentation, Scott will show you and your team one of his most powerful techniques; something he calls his "Nothing is Impossible Formula".This includes demonstrating for employees how to instantly be confident, set timely and powerful goals, and find the right way for them and the company to accomplish those outcomes.

Employees are persistently looking for meaning and connections at work. With this program, Scott will teach attendees how to understand their significance for the company and their impact at work. Imagine the rate of growth your company can experience when your employees become incredible achievers - not because they have to, but because they want to.

This program is designed to show employees how to develop a sustainable, consistent habit of success and happiness thinking.
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Do You Want More?
How to Know What You Want and Get It

Scott believes there are two types of people in the world . . . those who want more and those who don't.

Which one are you?

Do you want more?

If you do, then bring Scott to your event (or, better yet, make him the event) as he shares his vision of success with you and your attendees. That's right. These are the time-tested systems and methods that Scott uses, himself, to achieve success. Methods that are, at their heart, based on something so fundamental, so simple - and yet mind-blowing - as just believing that your imagination coupled with massive action truly sparks what happens in the world around you. There’s no reason to be restricted by someone else's reality any longer.

This isn't just about using your imagination, though. Scott will teach you and your attendees how to take tried and proven systems and develop tremendously advanced steps as everyone learns to smartly combine their creativity with unshakeable action; thoughts and deeds that act as personal passwords to unlock and release the limitations you once had. This presentation is about creating a powerfully pragmatic success plan and putting it into action.

The great poet, Rumi, once wrote: "The work of magic is this, that it breathes and at every breath transforms realities." Scott's “Do You Want More?” program provides attendees with the tools to take charge of and transform where they are into what they want to have and who they want to be.

This program will show you and your team actual tools for instantly improving their lives and feeling successful.

Making Results Real
How to Increase Your Personal Productivity With Simplicity and Power

Have you ever said to yourself: I need a break.

Or . . . how about this one: What the heck am I working this hard for? No one cares anyway.

Or . . . this one: When do I get to start living my dream? And . . . do I even have one anymore?

Or . . . our favorite: Is everyone else really that stupid?

At some time or another, Scott has said each and every one of these (and much more colorful ones, by the way). However, he was blessed enough to ultimately realize that he had simply lost his focus. His self-talk had become insanely toxic. And he was no longer serving anyone – himself, his clients, his family, anyone – for the better. Thankfully, Scott didn’t continue on that negative path. In simple terms: Scott got tired of how he was feeling and the effect it was having on those around him. He actually heard himself saying: “Seriously, is this how I want to feel for the rest of my life?

During your time together, Scott will easily show you solutions to experiencing and practicing the same personal productivity keys that he has used with straightforward effectiveness and robust results; a powerful way of thinking that has been waiting patiently – that’s right, waiting - for you to claim it. In other words, Scott is going to give you and your team a way to instantly transform how you used to believe about things, people, and even yourself, so that you can now freely improve the quality of your ideas, your desires, and, ultimately, your actions. If it’s not obvious already, the things you will be discovering are not just about how you attain your success! This program is carefully designed to help you realize and affirm why you want to achieve your outcomes in the first place.

This program will teach you the real power behind getting what you desire and provide you the tools to take mastery over your decision-making.

Extraordinary Influence
How to Get and Keep More Customers Through Leadership Development

You work for one of the finest companies in your line of work. You put your heart and soul into what you do. How can you teach your company’s leaders - your managers and supervisors - to have the same mindset? And how do you show people how to achieve a balance between what they personally want and treating the company’s clients and customers like royalty?

The purpose of this presentation is simple: to get you and your company’s leaders to a position with customers where they are so compelled by the company’s leadership, vision, and presence - that they love the company’s experience so much - that they don’t even think twice about coming back and referring your business to others.

It all starts with understanding that you likely have managers and supervisors who are your company’s best-kept secrets. If you want to compete in today’s market, you need to concentrate on customer service and client experience. In other words, the leaders in your company need to get out there and be unforgettable. In this presentation, Scott will show attendees how to savor connections with customers and clients - not merely survive those encounters.

He will be showing you and your team how to lead effectively by having absolute clarity about your workplace. Scott will also be teaching you how to stop reacting to customers and clients and, instead, participate in their success. This, in turn, creates authentic relationships with customers and clients that are so powerful, they turn into raving fans of your business.

This program will teach attendees to outline and plan precise and measurable customer relationships to get the company where it needs to go.

iOS at Work
How to Increase Your Profits, Productivity and Business Performance With Mobile Technology


Think of your most productive business tool.

If you didn't think of your iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch, Scott is ready to change your mind!

Scott has been called America's #1 "iOS for Business" Expert and the bestselling author of "The Million Dollar iPad " and "The iPad Lawyer ." In this presentation he will show you how to successfully use iOS devices to manage both your personal life and your business, go paperless, and truly respond to the fast-growing needs of a mobile lifestyle. You'll see amazing apps and learn incredible tips at this event designed to grow your knowledge. And you'll discover fabulous strategies that will help you create the workflow and give you the productivity you've always dreamed about.

This event shows you how to use your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch in your business to save you time, show you how to be more effective, and enable you to be more productive. You'll walk out with more confidence in your technology, less stress using apps that Scott has already tested and uses himself to manage his businesses and make money, and you'll have a simple, proven workflow for running your own business, meeting client and customer expectations, and showing the world you're innovative and on the cutting edge.

This program provides attendees with iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch tips, tricks, and secrets for transforming the way they do business.

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