Success & Happiness

Success and Happiness at Work
What Everyone Needs To Know
Every company experiences something like this . . . employees don’t completely embrace the founders' and managers’ vision of the business with as much gusto as they could. In fact, some of them might be downright cynical and disbelieving. And, when they are faced with a new task, opportunity, or method, an employee’s first reaction might be to say to themselves (and sometimes out loud to others), "I can’t do that!" or "That will be too hard!" or "But, I’ve never done that before!" Usually, internal backlashes like this come about because a person is afraid of looking stupid, afraid of failing (and looking stupid), or afraid of being wrong (and looking stupid). Scott’s "5 Rules of Success and Happiness" will solve that solution simply and elegantly.

In this presentation, Scott will show you and your team one of his most powerful techniques; something he calls his Nothing is Impossible Formula. This includes demonstrating for employees how to instantly be confident, set timely and powerful goals, and find the right way for them and the company to accomplish those outcomes.

Employees are persistently looking for meaning and connections at work. With this program, Scott will teach attendees how to understand their significance for the company and their impact at work. Imagine the rate of growth your company can experience when your employees become incredible achievers - not because they have to, but because they want to.
This program is designed to show employees how to develop a sustainable, consistent habit of success and happiness way of thinking.
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