P3 Blueprint

P3 Blueprint - Present. Persuade. Pitch.
How To Design And Deliver A Mind-Blowing Audience Experience
Presenting in public is one of our biggest fears.  What if you could provide yourself and your colleagues with a way to overcome stage fright, anxiety, and nervousness forever? How would life be different then?

Maybe you and your co-workers don't mind public speaking, but organizing the body of a presentation, finding the right words, and consistent content creation are maddening for all of you.

This presentation not only provides a solution for these problems, Scott is going to share with you his personal secrets—honed over 40 years of presenting around the world and in some of the most challenging situations—so that you, too, can instantly develop content, systematically deliver a message, and powerfully drive in the attention and results you want. In other words, you're going to learn how to create an incredible audience experience.

Attendees are going to discover how to plot, target, and guide an audience’s experience—every step of the way with Scott's Audience Reaction Optimization™ process. In fact, when attendees use this technique, they’ll automatically be mapping out that audience experience because of the way the system is designed.

It's time you start finding new ways to reboot, rewire, and relearn how you communicate with others, how you’re heard by others, and how you’re understood by others. Scott is handing you practical tools that will put your content generation tasks and public speaking path back in your own powerful hands.
This program is designed to show employees how to develop a simple-to-implement and easy-to-use public speaking process.
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