Technology at Work

Technology at Work
How To Increase Your Profits, Productivity And Business Performance With Mobile Tools

Think of your most productive business tool.

If you didn't think of your technology devices, Scott is ready to change your mind!

Scott has been called America's #1 "Technology at Work" Expert and is the bestselling author of "The Million Dollar iPad" and "The iPad Lawyer." He also oversees two iOS-focused blogs. In this presentation he will show you how to successfully use apps, programs, and technology to manage both your personal life and your business, go paperless, and truly respond to the fast-growing needs of a mobile lifestyle. You'll see amazing apps and learn incredible tips at this event designed to grow your knowledge. And you'll discover fabulous strategies that will help you create the workflow and give you the productivity you've always dreamed about.
This event shows you how to use your mobile devices and other technology in your business to save you time, shows you how to be more effective, and enables you to be more productive. You'll walk out with more confidence in your technology, less stress using apps and programs that Scott has already tested and uses himself to manage his businesses and make money, and you'll have a simple, proven workflow for running your own business, meeting client and customer expectations, and showing the world you're innovative and on the cutting edge.
This program provides attendees with mobile device and technology tips, tricks, and secrets for transforming the way they do business.
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